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Welcome to The Narrator Roundtable!

We are looking forward to a great conversation. Here are some tips to be as prepared as possible.

We record using

Prior to your scheduled recording time, you'll receive a calendar invite that includes a link to join your Riverside studio at the appointed time.

Riverside works on a Chrome web browser OR the free Riverside mobile app. Other browsers will not work.

Use Headphones or Earbuds

To avoid any echo in the recording, please wear headphones or earbuds. When you join the Riverside studio, it will ask if you're using headphones and calibrate appropriately.

If your headphones/earbuds are ALSO your microphone, make sure the mic isn't brushing up against any hair or clothes.

Wait a minute...

After we record, keep your browser or app open for a minute or two so Riverside can finish uploading your audio and video.

Did you say video?

Even though a podcast is an audio medium, we have to evolve with the times. The fact is, most podcasts now have video versions on YouTube and use video for promotion on social media. 

What if I f*ck up?

The podcast is pre-recorded and will be edited prior to release. Take your time to respond. Stop and start over if you lose your train of thought or stumble on a word. We will make sure we all sound brilliant after editing.

After your recording, if you regret something you said, just let us know, and we'll cut it.

Be mindful of your environment.

Try to be in a quiet room with limited distractions. Fans, space heaters & window AC units can drastically affect the quality of your audio.


Let folks in your life know to only disturb you if it’s an emergency.


If your computer/phone/tablet is resting on a table, be careful not to sit in a way that you are bumping the table.

Episode Planning

We hope that the experience of joining The Narrator Roundtable as a guest host will be unique. We aren't asking you to be interviewed, but rather to join a conversation and participate as one of many voices.

As such, we can't provide a basic list of questions you'll be asked. Rather, once you agree to participate in the podcast, you will be included in all the planning for that episode, helping us choose topics to discuss and answering questions that come from our audience. 


Don't hesitate to reach out to us individually or as a group at
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